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Things to look for


Foundation Corner Cracks

This is a "corner crack" that is commonly found at the corners of slab foundations. While these deficiencies are mostly cosmetic in  nature, these cracks should be sealed with an appropriate sealant to prevent the entry of pests and moisture into your home.


Negative Grading

Proper drainage is defined as grass and landscaping in place to move water away from the foundation and have no low spots to allow pooling next to foundation. The grading should promote the flow of storm water away from the house and off the lot. The ground should slope away from the house at a rate of one inch per foot for at least the first ten feet. Ideally, at least 4-6 inches of clearance should be maintained between soil level and the top of the foundation walls.


Damaged Roofing

Damaged roof coverings affect the proper performance of a roof and its ability to drain water away. In this photo we see evidence of several types of shingle damage inclusive of de-lamination, granule loss, cracking and tearing. It is important to have your roof inspected annually to ensure that there is no damage.


Outdoor Electrical Outlets

There are several things wrong with this picture. Modern building standards require that exterior electrical outlets be protected by a bubble (water-resistant) cover. While this cover may have been ok when the home was built, the cover is also installed upside down which renders it useless. In addition, the spaces between the cover and the wall siding need to be propery sealed.

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